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Who We Are

The idea of Fairy Tales Collection was introduced at the Information Specialists' Discussion List (INFOSIS) of Canadian librarians. The original meeting took place in Winnipeg at the National Library on the 29th of January  2001. Ten librarians (6 shown) of diverse professional backgrounds attended the meeting; the group consists of: National Library specialists with experience in generating electronic information sources, members of academic libraries, members of Institutes for Library Sciences, as well as library staff of Canadian franchise of a foreign company. At the moment, FTC is published on-line by a group of librarians associated with the Commission for Electronic Publishing of the Canadian Librarians' Association. The committee consists of: the editor-in-chief, the art director, the group of editors, the translators and proof-readers (23 people in total).

If you would like to help!
Would you like to be part of our team?  You can help us by submitting Fairy Tales, Biographies, and other material we have not yet added. Please submit them in digital format (.htm, .doc, .txt, or similar) to the email address shown here.