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Hans Christian Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen - Fairy Tales Collection

Thanks to his fairy tales and stories, Hans Christian Andersen, 1805-75, is probably the most widely read author in the world today, but even in his own time he was read and known from Russia in the east to America in the west. His career from the lowest stratum of society in his native town of Odense in Funen via his problematic adaptation to the official and bourgeois circles in Copenhagen and further still until he became a familiar guest in the country mansions of Denmark, the palaces of kings and princes and the entire cultural stage of Europe provided him with material for many of his works and for no fewer than three autobiographies, the final version being Mit Livs Eventyr (1855, The Fairy Tale of My Life (with later supplements)). Modern editions of his correspondence and diaries have produced an unusually comprehensive insight into his life and his complex personality.

Andersen's fairy tales and stories (about 190 in all, written 1835-72) are addressed to both adults and children and are stylistically and thematically deeply original. In addition he wrote novels, travel accounts (he spent a large part of his life travelling abroad), poems and works for the theatre (including libretti for operas and ballad operas).

Although Andersen's work has its roots in Romanticism he is a modern spirit thanks to his social experience, his psychological insight, his belief in progress and industrial development. The special quality in his fairy tales is also precisely the combination of poetry, fantasy tale and everyday reality.

Johan de Mylius
H.C.Andersens Hus





1835 The Tinder Box

1835 Little Claus and Big Claus

1835 The Princess and the Pea

1835 Little Ida’s Flowers

1835 Little Tiny or Thumbelina

1835 The Saucy Boy

1835 The Travelling Companion

1836 The Little Mermaid

1837 The Emperor’s New Suit

1838 The Goloshes of Fortune

1838 The Daisy

1838 The Brave Tin Soldier

1838 The Wild Swans

1838 The Garden of Paradise

1838 The Flying Trunk

1838 The Storks

1839 The Elf of the Rose

1840 What the Moon Saw

1840 The Wicked Prince

1842 The Metal Pig

1842 Shepherd’s Story

1842 A Rose from Homer’s Grave

1842 The Buckwheat

1842 Ole-Luk Oie, the Dream God

1842 The Swineherd

1844 The Angel

1844 The Nightingale

1844 The Ugly Duckling

1844 The Top and Ball

1845 The Fir Tree

1845 The Snow Queen

1845 The Little Elder Tree Mother

1848 The Story of a Mother

1845 The Elfin Hill

1845 The Red Shoes

1845 The Jumper

1845 The Shepherdess and the Sweep

1845 Holger Danske

1845 The Bell

1845 Grandmother

1846 The Darning Needle

1846 The Little Match Seller

1847 The Sunbeam and the Captive

1847 By the Almshouse Window

1847 The Old Street Lamp

1847 The Neighbouring Families

1847 Little Tuk

1847 The Shadow

1848 The Old House

1848 The Drop of Water

1848 The Happy Family

1848 The Shirt Collar

1849 The Flax

1850 The Phoenix Bird

1851 A Story

1851 The Puppet Show Man

1851 The Dumb Book

1852 The Old Grave Stone

1852 The Conceited Apple Branch

1852 The Loveliest Rose in the World

1852 In a Thousand Years

1852 The Swan’s Nest

1852 The Story of the Year

1852 There Is No Doubt About It

1852 A Cheerful Temper

1853 A Great Grief

1853 Everything in the Right Place

1853 The Goblin and the Huckster

1853 Under the Willow Tree

1853 The Pea Blossom

1861 The Portuguese Duck

1861 The Ice Maiden

1861 The Psyche

1861 The Snail and the Rose Tree

1861 The Old Church Bell

1862 The Silver Shilling

1863 The Snowdrop

1853 She Was Good for Nothing

1854 The Last Pearl

1854 Two Maidens

1855 Uttermost Parts of the Sea

1855 The Money Box

1855 A Leaf from Heaven

1855 Jack the Dullard

1855 Ib and Little Christina

1856 The Thorny Road of Honor

1856 The Jewish Maiden

1857 The Bell Deep

1858 The Bottle Neck

1858 Soup from a Sausage Skewer

1858 The Old Bachelor’s Nightcap

1858 Something

1858 Last Dream of the Old Oak

1858 The Marsh King’s Daughter

1858 The Races

1859 The Philosopher’s Stone

1859 The Story of the Wind

1859 The Girl Who Trod on the Loaf

1859 Ole the Tower Keeper

1859 Anne Lisbeth

1859 Children’s Prattle

1859 The Child in the Grave

1859 Two Brothers

1860 The Pen and the Inkstand

1860 The Farm Yard Cock

1860 Beauty of Form Beauty of Mind

1860 A Story from the Sand Hills

1860 Moving Day

1861 The Butterfly

1861 Bishop of Borglum

1861 The Mail Coach Passengers

1861 Beetle Who Went on Travels

1861 What the Old Man Does

1861 The Snow Man

1865 The Bird of Popular Song

1865 The Will-o-the Wisp

1865 The Windmill

1865 In the Nursery

1865 The Golden Treasure

1865 The Storm Shakes the Shield

1866 Delaying Is Not Forgetting

1866 The Porter’s Son

1866 Our Aunt

1866 The Toad

1868 The Goblin and the Woman

1868 The Dryad

1869 The Court Cards

1869 Luck May Lie in a Pin

1869 Sunshine Stories

1869 What One Can Invent

1869 The Thistle’s Experiences

1869 Poultry Meg’s Family

1870 The Candles

1870 The Most Incredible Thing

1870 Danish Popular Legends

1871 The Great Sea Serpent

1871 The Gardener and the Manor

1872 The Cripple

1873 The Flea and the Professor